Tshabalala Education Trust and Alexandra - Township

The Vincent Tshabalala Education Trust Bursary Scheme

Full bursary package for 2011 is total of R50 000 per annum and covers the following:

  • Tuition
  • Accommodation
  • Books
  • Living allowance

Basic bursary package for 2011 is R30 000 covering:

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • All students are required to register and pay registration fee for the studies. Those qualifying for a Full Bursary should also pay deposit accommodation. In addition to the bursary the Trust provide support to all students in the form of one to one interaction on request. Groups meetings are held from time to time with beneficiaries of the Trust to help address challenges that students face.

In addition to the bursary the Trust facilitates the following:

  • One to one interaction with students to track progress and address challenges
  • Monthly group meetings which includes address by leaders from private and public sector
  • Assistance with opportunities for vacation and project work
  • Opportunities  to contribute the community of Alexandra
  • Networking opportunities.


Criteria for awarding bursaries

  1. Passed Grade 12 with exemption (university entry) at a high school in Alexandra Township
  2. Good educational performance record ,has a positive attitude and a commitment to further studies
  3. Positive school record including contribution in the school community (good track record) – testimonial/motivation from learner and the relevant teacher/s and letter of support from the principal
  4. Have been accepted at an institution for higher learning & paid registration fees
  5. Financially needy thus unable to persue tertiary education - need a motivation from the learner and interview with family and visit for confirmation
  6. Commitment to complete the studies for which the bursary is allocated
  7. Should not be a recipient of another bursary

Additional Conditions for qualification

  1. Be available to be interviewed
  2. Be committed and prepared to volunteer in community development projects/initiatives
  3. Be committed to participate in initiatives identified and supported by the Vincent Tshabalala Education Trust
  4. Family to commit to make a contribution of not less than R100 per month to the Trust